September 9, 2009


such a unic numbers yeahh
it's not only abt de numbers..
did u notice tat today is de day 9th in Sept?
(oredi de day 19th of Ramadhan..)'s such a sweet & cute nos..rite?
but ape lah ade pd nombo yeah?
there is no meaning for an ordinary people like us
but to those obses wit dis unic nos
they tend to make a suprises, organize memorable events such weds,
engagement, oso my fren now is trying harder to deliver her baby by today
gud luck yeah TA..go go caiyok..!!

those were born on Sept, 9th
wish u a very Hepi Betday many hepi returns
those who gettin' married tdy...errr ade ker?
(2 my chinese & Indian fren)
May de joy U share on yr weds day be
de kind u'll share 4-ever ;)
those yg br start keje arinih
slmt bekeje dgn tulus & ikhlas..
dun play2 arr :p

last but not least
may all yr day
suria pagi yeahh

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to's learning to dance in the rain."
(vahhh dlm nye maksud tersirat..pikir2kan..renung2kan...selamat beramal..!)



rasp said...

i'm singing in the rain...
and dancing in the rain...
what a wonderfull feeling...

siap nyanyi tu hehehehe

eedany said...

yup today is 09.09.09.

Cantik itu nombor!

Have a nice day tinie.


GreenJade said...

rasp-ferghhh sis..tetibe guruh bedentum2 kt sini uhuhu

tih tih tih :p

GreenJade said...

eeDany-santek molek kan eeDany...

u2..hv a great day :)

[ Hanie ] said...

wahh mekaseh di atas ucapan2 mu itu (vahhh tetibe jerk! :P)

♠ y.a.n.i.e putrajaya ♠ said...

tunggu 101010
ada seseorang dok atas pelamin


GreenJade said...

Hanie...'kasih' mu akok terima dgn tulus ikhlasnye hehehehe :D

GreenJade said...

yanie - haihh anak itik anak berudu..err sapa tuh..?

jawhabbb jawhabbb...wahhh tetibe lapau nasik minyak nih hak hak hak :))