September 5, 2009


Times went thru' soooOo fast.."Does you know" that de Hari Raya is juz around the corner? Today oredi de day 15th we get fasting yeah..It's mean less than 2 weeks from de moment i'm composing tis blog. Are U prepared? What hv U prepared for yourself, family, what so ever?

Have U: (not too late or it's too early to remind yeah hahaha..hantam saja lah..akok dh bsemangat nk raye nih hahaha)

1. prepared your baju melayu or baju kurung? Wht about your family's?
2. get de envelope 4 "duit raya" or "ang-pow"?

3. changed for smaller denomination or you may end up giving RM50 to everyone. 4. prepared or bought all de kuih raya or cookies?
5. service your car before long journey?
6. paid all the necessary bills before leaving for long holidays?
7. booked rendang/lemang/ketupat/dodol? (those malas masak lah hahaha)
8. got enough beef/chicken for raya?
APPLIED FOR YOUR LEAVE? (if u're working)

10. BOUGHT YOUR TICKET? (if u travel by bus, train or airplane)
12. bought
SMART TAG or TOUCH 'n' GO for highway use?

That's all i can think for now. Any
more suggestion guyz? ;)

Pstt..xceli, am lookin 4 a gud recepies to cook 4 tdy buka puasa....Lil' bit nervous bcoz tis time me wll be alone ( without my hubby) cooking at my mother-in-law hse..any suggestion guyz? (my parent-in-law mmg best no fussy2 one lah hehehe) but de 'DAG DIG DUG' (rock & roll) beating inside my heart still there uh...hihihihihihi

Lil' bit blur but here got 3 main menu whc in my mind rite nowt (tenggiri asam pedas melaka, mix vege, siakap bakar tom yam)...doa2 dlm hati moga2 menjadi lah nnti hahahaha ;)


eedany said...

saya belum ada kasut raya. hehe

actually, prefer pakai sandal jer....


rasp said...

i lum service kete je lagik...
dah booking for next week :)

if u my Doter In Law...dah lulus dah dgn 3 menu tu *ihiks*

[ Hanie ] said...

samelaaa, baju raya belum ketemui lagi...gara2 cari baju suami dulu, pastu baru nak match dgn baju sendiri..tu yg tak ter'ada lagi ni huu

GreenJade said...

eeDany-saye pong lom carik kasut raye..ntah bile le nk gi soping hehe

GreenJade said...

rasp-vahhhh...untung nye kalu dpt mom-in-law cam u hihihi :D

GreenJade said...

Hanie - xpe slow2 carik musti ade matching yg 'mesra' gitu..akok pon jap2 nk tuko kaler baju jap2 nk tukor lg..x final2 lg nih aduhhh