February 6, 2011


saje nk menayang2 my new car
cun tak?

bior lah gambo menceritakan segalanya...

Sedikit summary tentang my new car itu yea :p

The futuristic model plays with the belief that an organic structure can actually be grown into an awesome minimalist bio-futuristic car. The vehicle features fierce plane like nose, wheels resembles plane turbines and it has a tron like glow. The interior structure allows passengers sit comfortably; it has a layout resembling seeds in a pod, with their heads coming together in the center of the car.

This vehicle with imaginary elements has rare possibilities to ever enter into the production, except the one the Mercedes has built itself. However, for those freaks who love to read and lost in imaginary elements and dreaming of just what the future of automotive design might have in store, the concept servers pretty well.

Ngomel KakJade: kagum aku dgn super mantop design future Merc itu..tapi..sesuai ke kalu on da road kat Mesia nih..?tambahan pulak pengguna tegar FEDERAL Hiway yg super duper jammed itu..huhHHHHhhh terbantot selera mokcik di situ ekekekek :p

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