June 8, 2009

My colleague's House-warming

Today mng b4 went to office i've bn 2 my Indian's colleague hse-warming ceremony..pelik kan pegi hse-warming function pagi2 buta..ape kes?? hihihi..xceli FYI de function was started as early at 6am-8am oke..(but heard fm other fren sum of 'em start de function @ 4am..really??) owh NO...tgh syiok mimpi indah tu !! :D

Bpusing2 gak searching 4 his hse...we arrived fairly late and by de time arrived it turn to 8.30am oredi...Naaa...confirm masuk opis lambat arinih loL :p

Daaadiiii...the Hse's Number is really nice..it's seems to be appeared as no. 99 @ Jalan Seri bla bla 9...waaa so many 999 loL..**pakcik kayo** :p

2me dis is de 1st experience & hv grab dis opportunity to feelin' & enjoy de Indian house-warming ceremony whc filled wit their unique custom loL.. (am only de observer & bidan terjun photographer oke hehe.. :p)

coconut: a result news

Here r sum photos 2 share with..not many pics in my folder..bcoz i've missed out quite few opening events coz by de time we reach there, they're about to finish..anyhow, still not too late i think.. bcoz still can follow their main climactic's event i.e breaking de coconut..it's quite unique bcoz if broken coconut in good form mean de house is good to be occupied.. ;)

atas: tuan umah dgn seriusnye sdg membelah buah kelapa
bawah: vahh.!!elok bulat terbentuk jer Mr. R belah kelapa tuh ek..

After end ceremony, we've served with a fresh milk & sweets (x sempat snap poto coz i cabot awal oke hehehe)..generally, very attractive ceremony which fully crowded wit customs..! ;)

mohon restu..

in front of Mr. R hse..pokok pisang sbg pintu gerbang
he's very humble guy..sgguh bsemangat perpaduan..

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